What To Write in A Birthday Card: Birthday Wishes

Happy Birthday Wishes What to Write in a Birthday Card messages will vary for every individual, but the gist is always the same.

We want to send our family or friend Happy Birthday Wishes that will let them know we care about them, we are thinking of them and that we want the best for them.

Sometimes we do that will a meaningful message, sometimes we want them to smile or laugh so we use different types of messages to evoke the feeling we hope for. Below are some sample of Birthday Wishes I’ve wrote that cover a wide variety of emotions.

Hopefully one of these work for you or you can change around the wording to get the vibe you are looking for!

16 Happy Birthday Wishes for Birthday Card

Birthday Card Birthday Wishes
Birthday Card Birthday Wishes
  • Another year, another digit to the age bracket…life is rewarding like that. Take care and know I am sending you the very best wishes on your special day.
  • I know they say we should age gracefully and all that jazz, but I still like our philosophy. Fight it every step of the way! You’re looking good my friend, so enjoy your Birthday and we’ll worry about the date on our driver licence some other year.
  • Happy Birthday! May this day be special and remember that I am grateful you are in my life.
  • Happy Birthday Wishes come in many shapes and forms, and if I could, I’d grant them all to you. Enjoy your special day!
  • You mean the world to me and I’m grateful I get to spend such a special day with you. Happy Birthday and may your next year be the best yet.
  • I can’t believe it’s time to celebrate another Birthday with you! I’d swear we were just doing this the other day. I guess this last year has been so much fun it flew right on by. Oh well, let’s have a blast again this year. Happy Birthday and here’s to many more.
  • Happy Birthday to you on this very special day. May your next year be full of grace surrounded by family and friends. Thinking of you always…

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Birthday Wishes for Birthday Card

Birthday Card Birthday Wishes
Birthday Card Birthday Wishes
  • Today is all about you. Enjoy every minute of it and know that I am sending you my very best Birthday Wishes.
  • In case you haven’t already heard this today, You are loved, adored and I think you are amazing. Wishing you the best on your special day!
  • May your Birthday bring you warmth, happiness and love from those around you. Wishing you a wonderful year to come.
  • Friend, you mean the world to me and I’m so glad we get to celebrate another Birthday together. I’m looking forward to the year ahead!
  • Sending you my best Birthday Wishes on your special day. Enjoy the moment, enjoy the year ahead and I am thankful for the day you were born.
  • Here’s to another year conquered! I think you took last year by storm and I look forward to watching you make the best of the year to come.

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Birthday Card Birthday Wishes
Birthday Card Birthday Wishes
  • Don’t worry, that extra candle on the cake won’t bring in the fire department…yet!! You’re looking good my friend and I’m excited to see what this next year of your life brings you. Take care, enjoy your special day and have fun!
  • Wishing you the very best of Birthdays this year. My thoughts are with you on your special day and I look forward to what the next year will bring you. Thinking of you.
  • Cheers to you! Wishing you a Birthday you won’t forget any time soon. Be safe, have fun and make new memories.

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