Belated Birthday Wishes For Friends and Family

Belated Birthday Wishes happen. With that being said, a Belated Birthday Wish is much better than the alternative— a forgotten Birthday — so we are on a good path!

Of course, if you are a husband that has forgotten your wife’s birthday I’d suggest flowers, chocolates, and diamonds. All of them, in that order…

For everyone else, here are some Belated Birthday Wishes I’ve written that you can use in any Birthday Card.

I know your Birthday has already past, but that’s what makes my card special, you weren’t even expecting this one! Happy Belated Birthday and know I am thinking of you.

Your special day may have come and gone, but I hope this Birthday Card and my good wishes bring a smile to your current day.

Belated Birthday Wishes For Friends and Family

I missed your Birthday so that means you may remain the previous age for another year. Just don’t tell anyone your secret to staying young or else no one will show up for your next Birthday. Thinking of you!

Just because this card is late, don’t think I forgot you! I was simply staging a protest in your honor. I don’t think it worked though, word on the street is you still turned older.

They say arriving at a party late gives you an opportunity to stand out. Well, this card should do the trick! I hope you had a wonderful Birthday and your next year is one you’ll have a blast living.

Belated Birthday Wishes

You know how I’m older than you right? Well, that’s the sad thing about age, we old people tend to forget things and I’m justified in blaming the tardiness of this card on that factor. You’ll see what I mean in a few years…..Happy Belated Birthday!

I may have missed your actual Birthday, but that doesn’t mean I wasn’t thinking of you. I wish you the best year ahead of your life. Make many memories, have fun, be safe and I vow to get this card to you on time next year if you do all those things!

Sending you belated Birthday wishes for your special day. Enjoy your next year and know I am thinking of you often.
Belated Birthday Cards should probably come with a brilliant present, but I forgot to get one of those too. So, for now, please accept my brilliant wishes for you. Have a positive and memorable next year!

Happy Birthday my friend. I know this card is a bit late but I assure you, I’m always thinking of you and sending you my best wishes. See you soon…

Remember, Belated Birthday Wishes happen

Funny Belated Birthday Wishes

Belated Birthday Wishes

Sorry, you would have surely loved what I was going to get you, But, I forget your birthday,
Happy belated birthday!

Damn! I forget your birthday, Hey but be cool ya! You can do the same thing with me as well. Happy belated birthday!

So sorry ya I forgot your birthday, But, hey! I just wished you a year back,
But forgot this year, Happy belated birthday!

Hey, happy belated birthday! What, it is because of me that you are having a two-day celebration so chill! And have a nice day today too.

Your birthday is two days later right, Ok, I think there is a problem with my phone reminder.
Anyways happy belated birthday!

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Belated Birthday Wishes For Brother

Belated Birthday Wishes


It’s amazing to know that you’ve turned a year older to welcome another fantastic year of your life. And I’ve been a day late in wishing you for that. Belated Happy Birthday!


Birthday wishes are meant to be given genuinely from the heart. How does it matter whether they are given a day early or a day late? So here”s wishing you a Belated Happy Birthday!


You’re one of my best friends so I’m sure you’ll understand that my heart grows fonder for you each day. It’s just that I forgot to wish you yesterday. Belated Happy Birthday my friend.


Do you know why I deliberately wanted to wish you a day later? That’s because I wanted you to enjoy the celebration of your Birthday for one more day. Belated Happy Birthday!


I may have forgotten your Birthday by a day, but I haven’t forgotten all the lovely times that we’ve spent together. So cheers to that and I wish you a Belated Happy Birthday!


Does having forgotten your Birthday mean that I have to please you with extra Birthday gifts? Okay, I am ready to do that as long as you accept my Belated Birthday wishes!


Despite the fact that my memory is winding up more terrible step by step, my affection for you is just getting to be stronger. So be caring and acknowledge my Belated Birthday wishes. Hope you have many more awesome Birthdays to see.


Your date of birth is etched in my mind in a way that I would never forget it. But this time around, I went a little berserk. It would be ideal if you acknowledge my statements of regret and my genuine Belated Birthday wishes.


I was so busy preparing for the grand Birthday gift that I forgot to call you and wish on your Birthday! Funny, isn’t it? Anyway, Belated Birthday wishes from me.


There must be somebody to tune in to the accounts of what you did on your Birthday right? So, here I am to hear it out! Belated Happy Birthday!

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